VEU 2019

22 December 2018
VEU 2019 ((Night of Esthetic Joys 2019) we decided to make in the spirit of Satan's Ball – with love for the urban mysticism of a famous "Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov and the intellectuals of Moscow of the 1920s. The venue was the House of Unions, full of its own hoaxes. Spirit of Bulgakov’s masterpiece, witches, Volands, concert in the format of old TV show "Blue Light" in the column hall (where, by the way,  Stalin’s funeral took place).

Musya Totibadze, SBPCH, Ivan Dorn, Kazuskoma, Nikola Melnikov, Anton Sevidov, Antokha MC, Kate NV and many others were a part of the program. Traditionally for the “Blue Light”, the artists performed one of the classic New Year's songs, prepared specifically for the VEU 2019. Guests were watching the concert, sitting at large round tables. Nairi Simonyan took the role of the entertainer.

It was this year that we managed to fully implement the idea of promotional teams’ community: when we understood that the party will take place in the Column Hall of the House of Unions (where we could invite 3500 guests, instead of 600, as it was a year earlier), it became clear that there was enough room for everyone: guests, artists, colleagues, and, of course, partners who were waiting for such an event.

The night dance floors, along with EJ permanent residents, were taken over by the teams of Popoff Kitchen, Psycho Daily, Ha-HaBibi and Deep Fried Friends. “Glo” – tobacco heating systems brand presented new devices to the guests and Dewar’s was in charge of the bars.

photos by Tim Baldin, Aleksey Kalabin and Artur Nechaev

Watch the video report:

filmed by cinica film studio

Vidual identity
Visuals of VEU 2019 developed by Valeria Vitko.