Bosco Fresh Fest 2019

29 June 2019
We have been hosting the Bosco Fresh Fest summer music festival for many years. BFF19 was held in Moscow's Palace of Pioneers on the Sparrow Hills. The festival legend this year was the summer camp – carefree, long-awaited and rich in discoveries. Among the headliners: hypnotic James Blake, soloist of the former trip-hop project "Moloko" – Roisin Murphy, German̆ synth-pop musician Roosevelt.

Bosco Fresh Fest 2019 teaser

Bosco Fresh Fest 2019 video report

Золотая июньская смена, в которую на сутки отправились вместе гости, артисты, диджеи, команда EJ и все причастные к празднику. Лил дождь, но происходило столько всего, что этого почти никто не заметил. Когда в твоей группе вожатая — Ройшн Мерфи, нет времени расстраиваться из-за такой мелочи, как погодные условия, тем более что для всех гостей были оперативно заготовлены дождевики и десятки литров горячего чая.

Tinkoff Bank built its own stage this year, drinks were supplied by Bacardi, Martini, Borjomi and Barley Bros. The following partners also supported the fest: Mastercard, Logic, Jaguar/Land Rover, Huawei and Barley Bros. Traditional lecture hall was supported by: Respublika store, Moscow Film School, IKRA, HSE School of Design, EcoTechnologies and Useful City. Food, sports grounds and a lot of other daytime entertainment filled the day on a huge lawn, closer to the evening lovers of long serious dances started to appear.

Together with Sibur, we made eco-raincoats that protected guests from the rainfall. Each raincoat contained 77 recycled plastic bags: about the same amount fits in the so called “bag with bags” in an average home kitchen. It was important for both Sibur and us to remind the guests that sorting waste is a simple but promising feat. Nature suffers less, recyclables can inspire unexpected projects, and an ordinary package has a chance for a long happy life in the wardrobes of progressive and decent people.

Night had loud titles "Love and Friendship" (EJ stage) and "Respect and Cooperation" (Bacardi stage) — and as far as we remember, that's what was going on there until the morning. Among the musicians of the Night Shift: David August, Charlotte Adigery, Miss Red, Hipushit, Lipelis, Erol Alkan, Errorsmith.

Daytime Shift: James Blake, Roisin Murphy, Roosevelt, Liza Monetochka, Youra, The Retuses, Liza Gromova, Drug, On-The-Go, Kazuscoma, Still Corners and others.

Visual identity
The branding of the festival spoke in the language of childhood, joy and adventure – it was bright, illustrative and carefree. The design was developed in collaboration with Stas Polyakov.

photo credits:
Arseny Gorshenin, Tima Baldin, Nastya Pirate

video credits:
cinica film studio